Analysis of Key factors in Arms Export and Arms Export Strategy of Middle East Countries


  • WonJoon Jang KIET
  • JaePil Song KIET
  • MiJung Kim KIET
  • EunJi Bang KIET



Arms Export, Middle East Countries, UAE, Director of Defense Cooperation, Cooperation, Co-Development, Co-production and Co-Export



President Moon has visited to UAE as a National Visit in March, 2018 and express to support co-develop, co-produce and co-export to the third countries of weapon system. Therefore, the paper analyzes the recent arms market in the Middle East, as one of the three major arms export market to Korea, and present an arms export strategy to customize the Middle East countries.
Concerning a recent 10 year arms export by region, the ratio of Middle East countries arms export was highly increased by 12%p(17%→29%). And arms acquisition budget in 5 years(2018∼22) will be over 130 billion dollars. UAE has a highly interested in missiles, warship building, surveilance system, RWCS etc after Summit meeting. Iraq has focus on his post war rebuilding to include relevant weapon system and facilities. Also, Saudi Arabia is necessary to fulfill his Saudization policy to enter his arms market.
For expanding of Middle East arms market, it is necessary to provide customized defense industry total solution for the whole weapon system lifecycles, dispatch defense cooperation director, find out co-development program between Korea and Middle East countries, and diversify cooperation system in the near future.

Middle East Asia



2018-09-22 — Updated on 2020-11-08


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Jang, W., Song, J., Kim, M., & Bang, E. (2020). Analysis of Key factors in Arms Export and Arms Export Strategy of Middle East Countries. Journal of Advances in Military Studies, 1(1), 69-86. (Original work published September 22, 2018)