A Study on the Discontinuation Management of Parts in the Weapon System


  • WangKeun Song Kwangwoon University
  • YongHoon Choi Kwangwoon University




Discontinuation Management of Components, Life cycle, Refresh, Combat system, SCORE


Although the performance of the weapon system is becoming more advanced and precise with the development of science and technology, the development of such technology can significantly affect the performance of the weapon system by shortening the life cycle of the component. the purpose of this study is to explore solutions for smooth operation and maintenance through examples and establish alternatives.

Among the various weapons systems, the combined weapons system, vessel, is becoming incomparably complex and diverse in structure with the help of the development of electric and electronic technologies. Among them, the combat system is the system that has the greatest impact on the functions of the ship as it is operated in conjunction with various mounting equipment, and so component shutdown control is a representative of the projects that are needed first.

Therefore, in this study, we propose a case-by-case alternative by analyzing the progress of the end-of-life management work through the case of the Jangbogo-III combat system development project, which was the first project to apply the component control program and the Refresh program in Korea, and we propose a process for component discontinuation management during the total life cycle of the entire period for the incomplete information. The analysis results and processes from the examples presented in this study are expected to contribute to increasing reliability and availability as well as budget savings in the acquisition and maintenance stages of weapons systems in the future.

Author Biographies

WangKeun Song, Kwangwoon University

Defense Acquisition Program (Director for KSS-Ⅲ program Group System Development 1 team, Defense Acquisition Program Administration), Ph.D. Candidate

YongHoon Choi, Kwangwoon University

Division of Robotics, Professor

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2019-12-31 — Updated on 2019-12-31


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