Recognition of 'Defense Cost Sharing' through Big Data

Focusing on Twitter


  • Sungkon Kim Korea Military Academy



Defense cost sharing, Twitter, Word Cloud, Social Network, Latent Dirichlet Allocation


To study, Twitter, the social media, was selected and analyzed by applying word cloud, social network and LDA techniques as keywords. The results showed that the main key words based on frequency were "THADD", "resident in Korea," "rise," "burdened," and "negotiation," while the main key words considering word relationship and centrality were "THADD," "opposite," "cost," "deployment" and "aligned alliance." In addition, LDA technology has shown that 'THADD base construction costs', 'the withdrawal of U.S. troops from South Korea', 'Recommendation of unpaid leave of Korean workers' and 'the government's efforts to reopen negotiations' have become an issue in the current negotiation process related to 'defense cost sharing'.
Through this, it was possible to identify the key words that the public recognizes “defense-sharing expenses,” and furthermore, the government should pursue strategic negotiation policies in consideration of the key words and topics recognized by the people in order to achieve successful negotiation results.


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Author Biography

Sungkon Kim, Korea Military Academy

Korea Military Academy, Department of Psychology and Management

Kwangwoon University, Defense Acquisition Program, Ph.D student

defense cost sharing




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Kim, S. (2020). Recognition of ’Defense Cost Sharing’ through Big Data: Focusing on Twitter. Journal of Advances in Military Studies, 3(1), 51-74.