A literature review of recent topics in Korean Military Art and Science


  • Jonggill Lee ROK (Republic of Korea) Army Training and Doctrine Command




military art and science, military force building and development, military force management, acquisition of weapon systems and operation, text mining, Latent Dirichlet Allocation


The Republic of Korea, which is the only divided country in the world, is an extremely prominent country facing an existential enemy named “North Korea”. In Korea, the military science field is gaining interest and importance. However, as it is a specialized field, research is scarce. In this study, through text mining, we attempted to analyze 69 regular papers’ abstracts in the military science and domestic social science fields. These abstracts were present in the Korea Citation Index (KCI), which publishes the latest research trends and, in this case, trends in military studies. As a result, research is being conducted on various subjects. In particular, 63% (44) of these were found to be related to the construction of military power such as security cooperation, external situations, research and development, and defense reform. This study applied an unstructured data analysis method called text mining and attempted to analyze the subject of several papers from a more scientific perspective. Hence, it can be considered a study of great significance as it was able to provide an overall understanding of general research trends and trends in recent military studies.


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Korean military art and science




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Lee, J. (2020). A literature review of recent topics in Korean Military Art and Science. Journal of Advances in Military Studies, 3(3), 187-211. https://doi.org/10.37944/jams.v3i3.87



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