Improvement of combat readiness for Republic of Korea Army


  • Hoseok Seo Kwangwoon University
  • Sukjae Jeong Kwangwoon University



combat readiness assessment, tangible and intangible combat power, army training and education, Delphi survey, analytic hierarchy process (AHP)


The Russian invasion of Ukraine highlights the importance of strengthening combat readiness in the military. The purpose of this study was to devise a policy implementation that can ensure the appropriateness of the evaluation using the improvement elements of the current combat readiness evaluation in the Korean Army. To do so, the acts and regulations of combat readiness assessment and application cases in field units were analyzed, and the necessary improvements of elements were derived by collecting expert opinions using a Delphi survey. The analysis revealed that the weights for each evaluation element through the analytic hierarchy process survey were presented to assess the quantitative elements (troops, equipment, supplies, and competency) at the C-level, and the use of a judgment process was suggested to assist the commander in reasonably determining the level of qualitative evaluation factors when evaluating the grade (final decision of the level of combat readiness of the unit) at the mission assessment (MA-level). The results of this study can be applied to the assessment of combat readiness level to identify the poor elements of the field units objectively and report them accurately to the upper unit. Future, research must study topics related to the elaboration of assessment elements that can ensure the accuracy and reliability of the evaluation of combat readiness in terms of organizational competency development.


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Author Biographies

Hoseok Seo, Kwangwoon University

(First Author) Kwangwoon University, Department of Defense Acquisition Program, Ph.D. Candidate, Deputy Minister for External Policy and Mutual Developing Cooperation Office of the 1st Corps, Republic of Korea Army, [email protected].

Sukjae Jeong, Kwangwoon University

(Corresponding Author) Kwangwoon University, Department of Business Administration, Professor, [email protected],

Improvement of methodological approaches to combat readiness assessment




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Seo, H., & Jeong, S. (2022). Improvement of combat readiness for Republic of Korea Army. Journal of Advances in Military Studies, 5(3), 131-153.