A Study on the Influencing Factors in Deciding ROC (Required Operational Capability)


  • Won-Jin Oh Department of Defense Acquisition Program, Kwangwoon University
  • Sangryul Shim Department of International Trade. Kwangwoon University




ROC(Required Operational Capability), Weapon systems, Requirement planning, Delphi technique, AHP method, Influencing factors


The performance of weapon systems is the important factor in deciding the outcome of war and expressed in ROC(Required Operational Capability). ROC is determined at the phase of requirement decision and has a decisive effect on the total life cycle of weapon systems including acquisition and its disposal phase. Improper ROC is very likely to cause the increase of acquisition & operating cost, total life cycle cost, and the delay of deployment, influencing factors on determination of ROC must be thoroughly studied. However, domestic academic research on influencing factors are rarely conducted, and most of the research is part of the research on requirement planning and acquisition, the research results provide only general suggestion. Thereby, this research intended to provide systematic and empirical analysis  on what factors influence on determination of ROC and what their relative importance weights.

To achieve above mentioned research purpose, first we reviewed relevant institutionalized systems in home and ROC modification status along with their reasons in home. Then, we verified and finalized influencing factors on ROC derived from preliminary research through Delphi Technique and Factor Analysis, and analyzed relative priorities through pair comparison by AHP method. From 2006 to 2017, on average 15 cases of modifying ROC occurred annually and needs of such modification appear to grow. Modification of operational concept of weapon systems comprises 31% of the reasons to modify of ROC, followed by correction of improper ROC is 17%, correction of excessive ROC is 14%, collateral changes by change of interoperable weapon systems' ROC is 14%, respectively. As for relative importance weight of finalized influencing factors, 'Weapon systems operational concept and mounting system', 'Weapon systems major performance elements' are found to be high. In lower level of 18 factors, the order of importance weight is as follows 'Weapon systems operational concept', 'Survivability', 'Enemy weapon systems performance' , 'Mounting system performance' and 'Existing similar weapon systems performance' and 'Interoperability'. The significance of this research would be extensive investigation on entire relevant minutes of meeting of ROC modification, chronological analysis of reason of such modification along with its status, and systematic analysis and relative importance weights of influencing factors on ROC.

ROC factors



2019-08-31 — Updated on 2019-08-31


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