A Study on the Abolition Process of the Soldiers Guardhouse Disposition


  • Baekjin Kim Defense Acquisition Program Administration




disciplinary actions and punishment, guardhouse disposition, addition of military service period, Military Personnel Management Act, disciplining education system


Recently, the abolition of the guardhouse disposition was abolished, In the flow of the times, this study explored the issues and progress of the process of the abolition of the guardhouse disposition. Since the Kabo Reform at the end of the Chosun Dynasty, this system had been operated the disciplinary actions as a means of punishment to maintain discipline establishment in the Korean military. However, controversy has persisted that such a system may violate the constitutional ‘warrant in principle’ and the freedom of the soldier’s ‘right to liberty’. As a result, the legislative bill about the amendments of the Military Personnel Management Act for abolishing the military guardhouse disposition was proposed by the National Assembly. But there were still many controversies, including concerns that it would weaken military discipline in the legislative authorization process. In this sense, this study will delineate the overall progression of the military guardhouse disposition in Korea.

guardhouse disposition



2020-08-31 — Updated on 2020-08-31


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