A study on the management innovation and military application of Yuhan-Kimberly


  • Wonseok Kang Korea Military Academy
  • Sunwook Park Korea Military Academy




re-engineering, people-oriented management, corporate social responsibility, management innovation, social enterprise


With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution and rising competition, the survival environment of companies has become difficult to predict. Consequently, changes and innovations to gain a competitive edge have become essential for modern society. In this paper, the management innovation techniques and contents were examined through the case of re-engineering of Yuhan Kimberly, exploring the direction of development and the way to apply them nationally. Yuhan-Kimberly implemented people-centered management, such as improving the working environment, operating the lifelong learning system, introducing smart work and family-friendly management; it also strengthened social enterprise activities that had continued since the early days of its establishment, thereby, realizing social enterprise image integration. Consequently, it solidified its status as a social enterprise through the increase in corporate profits, the selection of respected companies, and the commendation of government agencies. Based on the case of Yuhan-Kimberly’s innovation, the government proposed work-life balance and family-friendly management, the transformation of information systems, the improvement of organizational culture, and the promotion of ethical management and social contribution activities. This suggests that the military should aim to achieve its basic goals, restore public trust, and establish its role in the changing security environment.


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corporate social responsbility




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Kang, W., & Park, S. (2020). A study on the management innovation and military application of Yuhan-Kimberly. Journal of Advances in Military Studies, 3(3), 1-23. https://doi.org/10.37944/jams.v3i3.82